Python API

class astsearch.ASTPatternFinder(pattern)

Scans Python code for AST nodes matching pattern.

Parameters:pattern (ast.AST) – The node pattern to search for

Walk an AST and yield nodes matching pattern.

Parameters:tree (ast.AST) – The AST in which to search

Parse a file and yield AST nodes matching pattern.

Parameters:file – Path to a Python file, or a readable file object

Walk files in a directory, yielding (filename, node) pairs matching pattern.

Parameters:directory (str) – Path to a directory to search

Only files with a .py or .pyw extension will be scanned.


Turn a string pattern into an AST pattern

This parses the string to an AST, and generalises it a bit for sensible matching. ? is treated as a wildcard that matches anything. Names in the pattern will match names or attribute access (i.e. foo will match in files).

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